How to Find a Good Breeder
(and Rescues/Shelters)

Unfortunately there are many uneducated breeders, rescues and scams that sell or adopt out dogs that are not appropriate. Choosing a dog whose temperament works for you and your family is better than spending time & money learning how to modify the behavior of a dog that does not fit your lifestyle.

I'm happy to schedule a session to help you find a great fit for you from a recommended breeder. I am also in favor of supporting and getting dogs from great rescues/shelters.  I also know some great dogs that were from intact family pets that were health tested that produced great puppies. There are many choices and it's important to take these steps...

Step 1 Before choosing a breeder, find out if the breed you're interested in will fit your lifestyle, and whether you are able to meet their needs. Consider reading or listening to 'Meet Your Dog' by Kim Brophey. 

Step 2. ASK QUESTIONS! The answers to the questions below can help you understand your new puppies potential long term health and temperament. You can find some answers to the questions below on some breeders websites. 

What the parents are like to live with?

What are the parents personality/temperament/size/do they have any health issues?

Why they are breeding these specific two dogs together - what are they hoping to get out of this specific pairing.

Can I watch videos of Mom & Dad to see their personality/accomplishments.  (The Sire may be on another site with links)

Do your breeding parents live with you?

Can I see a video of the litter together? 

Can I call owners of a previous litter with the same Mom?

Can I return if there are health or behavior problems? 

Can I give back the puppy if they are the wrong fit for my family?

Do you practice Puppy Culture / Avid dog protocols or something similar?

Can you share the health testing on the parents? Don't be shy about asking for this information if it is not provided. You can look up breed-specific recommended checks beforehand, don't be satisfied with the "yes they're health tested" response. 

What food do you feed and why?

What is your vaccinations schedule?

Are you active on social media with pictures/videos of your dogs, litters, etc?

Do you have a Facebook page/group or way for me to stay connected to you and siblings?

Consider not asking a breeder how much first, great breeders are looking for Pet Parents interested in more than the cost of the dog. If you’re considering a ‘budget' dog it’s important to beware of puppy flippers. Always remember that you can’t predict the quality of your dog by the price you're asked to pay.

Most GOOD breeders don't have pups available immediately for you to bring home. Be wary of any breeder who quickly tries to place a puppy with you if you're just inquiring. 

We are running out of the opportunity to have good family dogs from both rescues and breeders, it’s part of why myself and my colleagues are booked up helping new pet parents and more dogs with behavior struggles.

A few resources to find a great breeder are:



Ask any breeder if they use Puppy Culture / Avid dog protocols, or something similar. This is a good indicator of a breeder who is educated/invested.



Facebook Groups 

Functional Breeding

FDSA Breeders

Positive Reinforcement Breeder’s Support Group

You can listen to a PUPTALK I had with my breeder here:


NOMOGRAPH - CAVIDS Titer Testing Canine Nomograph - this is a newer test some great breeders are interested in.


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