Find out what you need to keep your puppy
happy, safe, quiet and calm.

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Learn The 4 Rules of Recall 
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Hi! I’m Christine &
this is Pekoe ➘ 

I specialize with Puppy Training,
Recall (COME when called!)
& Canine Enrichment.
 Together we’ll have
fun while creating
amazing results!

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canine Enrichment

Step 1

Discover new ways to feed, play, relax, treasure hunt, train, condition etc.

puppy checklist

Step 1

Find out what you need to keep your puppy
happy, safe, occupied and calm.

4 rules of recall

Step 1

 Unravel the mystery of why your dog is struggling and not listening.

Here's What Clients Are Saying...


As always, outstanding follow-up material! We are having fun practicing. So grateful for our time together and the progress we made with Gretzky. Thank you for your patience, expertise and positive reinforcement…I <3 your style.


with #gretzkythemutt


By the end of our sessions our fearful puppy was super confident and now enjoys playing with other dogs. I honestly couldn’t be anymore happier with the outcome. Christine helped us understand the positive way of training without the headaches. 

Monica & Carlos

with #cocotheshepherd


We took Christine’s Recall class, which was SO helpful and necessary. We saw such amazing results almost immediately. She follows up both in person and through video, displaying techniques and exercises that helped us succeed!

Tom & Cindy

with #dinahthemutt

About my teaching method:

I’m a CPDT-KA certified trainer & dog lifestyle expert with over 20 years experience with dogs ( and horses ). You’ll love my unique training process, just as much as the results. 

Puppies need specific nurturing & care. They learn and grow very fast. I use positive reinforcement methods that are innovative, motivational, practical & science based.

You can have a well-trained dog that can go anywhere with you! You will effectively end unwanted behavior while gently reinforcing good obedience.

You can schedule online sessions, or if you're local we can start with in-home sessions (with or with out you present, depending on your schedule & budget). You will advance to real-world experiences. We train at stores, restaurants, on hikes and more! Together we can achieve your goals, such as:

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