Our dog Dinah is a fun and loving bundle of energy. She’s also very reactive to other dogs and like a lot of shelter rescues, has had her share of “behavioral challenges”. We took Christine’s Recall class, which was SO helpful and necessary. She has also been training Dinah through the board-and-train option at Dog Dayz of California, which allows for intensive one-on-one learning while your dog is kenneled. We’ve done this several times, and I simply cannot recommend this option highly enough. Christine quickly developed a close bond with our dog and we saw such positive results almost immediately. She follows up both in person and through video, displaying techniques and exercises that further your dog’s education. Every pet parent will know what a “bone-us” it is to see a video of their dog while away. As a result of the mental stimulation and physical challenges of training, our dog comes home more focused yet also more relaxed, tired but not exhausted, and most of all, happy!