Started working with Christine in February of this year with my puppy Coco and honestly couldn’t be anymore happier with the outcome. Christine helped my family and I understand the positive way of training our pet without the headaches. She showed us a lot of different games that we could play with our puppy but at the same time train her. Also, helped us with ways to deal with her fear of people, and other dogs, and noises. It’s safe to say that our puppy started off this training process with a lot of fears and in the end of the private training she was super confident and now enjoys playing with other dogs in trails and parks, something that we never thought she would enjoy! This was the best experience and will continue to use Christine any chance we get. I am signing up for her recall class as I type to insure that we keep getting all the knowledge we can to grow our connection with our puppy. Thanks again Christine, you rock!