You can have a turn-on-a-dime RECALL, every time you call your dog!


  • Have you ever worried about your dog bolting out the door and not being safe?
  • Do you wish your dog could explore the great outdoors?
  • Do you dream about watching your happy dog off-leash at the beach?

Perhaps right now you’re anxious or frustrated just thinking about calling your dog to come when called. They may ignore you more often than not. Maybe they look at you and then go the other way @!*&?

Just the word COME! can leave many dogs and their owners frustrated and confused. Arghhh, it can be so frustrating… and having them pulling on leash is no fun for anyone.

A solid recall in an emergency could mean life or death for your dog. Now is the time for you and your pup to begin an adventure of trust and safety.

My RECALL ADVENTURE DOGS (R.A.D.) online course has everything you need to unravel the mystery of why your dog is struggling and not listening.

It’s time for you and your dog to learn the skill of recall.

  • Imagine knowing with confidence that your dog isn’t going to run off as soon as you let them off leash.
  • Imagine walking your dog as they stay close off leash anywhere needed.
  • Imagine the fun that both of you could have hiking in the great outdoors together.

All of this is possible. You can have a dog that won’t leave your side until you release them, and when you do, you can trust that they will come flying back to you when you call… it’s the best feeling.

Are you ready to jump in? Then let’s go!

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Years ago when I lived in the Utah mountains, I wished I understood how to improve my dogs recall. I was a horse trainer, I took my dogs out riding and spent way too much time searching for them after they ran off after wildlife. I was worried to death! When I moved to California and became a dog trainer, I focused on COME WHEN CALLED. I was determined to learn what actually works. I’ve traveled everywhere to experts who have different styles of RECALL training. I’ve distilled the knowledge into this course and created new techniques that work.

I live to hike with my dogs. When I’m not hiking, I’m training with my dog and others. I am CPDT certified dog trainer and absolutely love what I do! My dog can run free anywhere, I know I can call him off any distraction, seagulls at the beach, snakes on trails, his favorite playmates and more. You can click on the video ⬅︎ to see me call Pekoe off a rabbit on the trail. Having the benefit of FAST RECALL anytime anywhere with my dog is a huge benefit.

This confidence and freedom inspired me to offer a specialized in-person RECALL course which I’ve done for many years. The RECALL ADVENTURE DOGS (R.A.D.) online course is even more comprehensive than my in-person course, there is more opportunity to share and show details.

Are you ready to dive in? The RAD course awaits!


This 13 year old is learning quickly!

What’s Inside the Recall Adventure Dog Course?

This R.A.D. online course has been created slowly overtime to make sure it includes everything you need to succeed. There are multiple forms of instruction and inspiration to support different learning styles.

  1. VIDEOS – If you’re visual, you’ll enjoy the training videos and examples!
  2. MP3’s – If you’re an auditory learner you’ll love listening to the MP3’s!
  3. NOTES – If you like to print out or write on top of the work, you’ll love all the notes I’ve created for you!

Course Topics Include:

  • Foundation – we’ll build solid, reliable, simple repetitive behaviors.
  • Fun –  we need to make sure you and your dog enjoy the process.
  • Take it on the road – once we get things working well inside, getting out and about is key.
  • Fading Lures – learn the tricks you need to fade food & toys to insure a naked recall.
  • Difficult Distractions – you will level up to be able to call off any challenge.

Is my dog too old? Is my breed too difficult?

If you feel your age or breed is difficult to train a good recall, know that the RAD course has worked with all kinds of roaming huskies, scenting hound dogs, and mischievous mutts! I’ve taught a Recall to 8 week old Pups & Senior dogs. I’ve worked with all sorts of breeds and all kinds of people to have a great Recall.


The course is inside a Facebook Group. If you are not on Facebook, but still want to join, then you’ll receive directions on how to create an account for the course. Many of my clients who do not use Facebook sign up under their Dog’s name. Think of it as a password to a website. There are many advantages to having the course in Facebook.

  • The Group allows easy access to many resources that will support all of your training needs.
  • The Group connects you with an amazing community of support, suggestions, and accountability buddies.
  • The ‘Live’ videos will show up in your feed and remind you to train.


Are you ready to join?

Are you and your dog excited to feel safe on all the adventures out there?
Then let’s jump in and start learning a Turn-On-A-Dime Recall! 

Do you have questions about the course before diving in?
Then you can email me directly here.

The course begins on September 21st.

* Facebook is required to take this course *

Total Cost: $149

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