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Do You Want A Turn-On-A-Dime Recall
Every Time You Call Your Dog?

Start Your Recall Adventure!

Any of these sound familiar?

My dog doesn't listen to me!
I keep yelling my dogs name, but nothing happens.
I will eventually train my dog...
Will my dog ever behave in front of new people?
I have no idea why I can't control my dog.
I am worried my Pup will get lost if they escape.
I am afraid my dog might bolt and get injured.

If this sounds familiar, don't worry – you're not alone. Our Recall community's purpose is to 
help you get from where you are now, to a turn-on-dime recall with your dog/s.

Your dog can hear you calling...
but do they even care?

Your dog escapes... maybe right out the front door to jump on the mail man. Maybe they hop out of your car to chase down a squirrel. There's nothing more embarrassing than repeatedly yelling your dogs name to come back while they completely ignore you.

Moreover, your dog is probably running straight into trouble, whether that's across a busy road, jumping up on a person, or scaring another dog.

Don't let this be you...

Just the word COME! can leave many dogs and their owners frustrated and confused. Maybe they look at you and then go the other way... @!*&?

Having a solid recall in an emergency could mean life or death for your dog. Now is the time for you and your Pup to begin an adventure of trust & safety.

Introducing Recall Adventure Dogs!

Recall Adventure Dogs is an 8-week live online course that will give you everything you need to unravel the mystery of why your dog is struggling and not listening to you.

Imagine the fun you'll feel hiking with your Pup off-leash in the great outdoors together.
Imagine watching your dog fly back to you in excitement when you call them to come!
Imagine the feeling of trust and confidence in your ability to communicate with your Pup.

All of this is possible. You can have a dog that won’t leave your side until you release them, and when you do, you can trust that they will fly back to you… it’s just the best feeling!

Meet Your Expert Trainers

Hi, I'm Christine 👋🏼 
Your Recall Training Expert!

I have over 20 years of training experience. I’ve worked with just about every age, breed, size, and temperament. All the concepts that I teach are based on behavioral science. My favorite skill to teach is recall training. 

CPDT-KA certified
Pet First Aid certified
Insured, and background checked.
Community Builder & Animal Advocacy / Co-Founder of The Dog Lovers Club on Clubhouse. 

Hi, I'm Kelly 👋🏼 
Reactive / Aggressive Dog Expert!

I specialize in aggression, reactivity, and fear based behaviors. I'm a geek about the science behind all of the work we do and insure these standards as the chair of education for the IAABC.

CPDT-KA certified
KPA certified 
Insured, and background checked.
Community Builder & Animal Advocacy / in The Dog Lovers Club on Clubhouse. 

 I’m an accomplished trainer… but I did not prioritize recall work and assumed that my dogs would never have the whiplash turn. I asked Christine to help and was amazed at the results

~ Kelly & Charles & Dayton & Pluto

What's Inside Recall Adventure Dogs?

 Difficult Distractions

This is where most handlers get stuck. You'll get specific attention and support with difficult distractions to build up your dog's ability to fly back to you... even if they're chasing a rabbit! See for yourself in the video as Pekoe runs right back to me on cue.


Our structure sets you up step by step. You will solve the mystery of why your dog will not COME when called. We build solid, reliable, key foundation behaviors before advancing.


We have many quick and easy to learn games that help you develop solid recall skills. Everything we teach in the course is about having fun with our dogs and each other. 

 Take it on the road

Once we get a fast recall working well in low distraction areas, it's time head out! During your off-leash adventures, you’ll learn when, where and how to give more freedom.

 Naked Recall

You learn the tricks you need to fade food & toys to insure a naked recall. No aversive tools are necessary.

 Emergency Cues

We time and customize your Recall Cues as the course proceeds. You will have more than one cue depending on the situation.


Community support is one of the biggest motivators to stay on track. We're all in this together, even if you need to bitch a little when frustration hits! Your team of support will get you past the inevitable struggles. 

Live Q&A

The most popular feature in the course  is  the weekly LIVE conversations where we chat about techniques and challenges. This is a great time to ask specific questions about you and your dog.

Here's What People Are Saying...

Amy & Raven

Lisa & Neala

Nicolli & Hash

I am impressed with how quickly my dog is learning new skills! The 4 rules of recall changed the way I think and the results improve each week, I look forward to learning how to get my malinois to recall away from wildlife distractions and more in the RAD course!

~ Lisa with Neala

Join the Recall Adventure Dogs
Live Course Starting September 27th!

8 Weeks of Live Training w/ Community Support
Expert recall & behavior trainers to answer your questions and guide you on your journey
10+ Science-based behavior techniques
Close-knit community of dog lovers!
Life-time access to instructions and video recordings

Are you ready to have turn-on-a-dime recall? Then join us today! The course is open for enrollment from now until September 27th, 2021. The course price is $397. However, I am offering a special discount so that you can join now for only $297. Just use the coupon code COME when you check out.

This special offer will only be available for those who join before September 26th, for the live 8 week training.

Use the discount code: COME when signing up to get the special price.


Checkout Instructions:

1. When you click the Enroll Now button, a new page will open.

2. Enter your best email.

3. Check the terms box.

4. Enter coupon code: COME

5. Checkout with PayPal.

6. Podia is the website where this course lives. After payment you will enter the RAD Podia course. You can bookmark the page or click here to access it.

We took Christine’s Recall class, which was SO helpful and necessary. We saw such amazing results almost immediately. The course had more than we imagined and it helped us succeed at Recall and so much more!

~Tom & Cindy with Dinah

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my breed too difficult?

I've worked with all kinds of roaming huskies, scenting hound dogs, and mischievous mutts! Often a handler with one of the more independent breeds ends up having better long term success. They realize how important the details are. If you have a Velcro dog, it’s easy to forget the details and you may need them!

Is my dog too old or too young?

Learning the Name Game is a perfect start for any Puppy. The more we do right from the beginning, the less work it will be long term. 

One of my favorite Recall students was a 13 year old husky mutt. She did not have a high speed return rate... but she learned to COME when called at every request.

Do I need an electronic collar to have high speed recall?

(Also known as a shock collar, remote collar, or tens unit.)

NO. Using any form of correction or punishment to teach a Recall is not kind or as effective -- there is fall out. As you make changes using reward based training, you create a high speed recall. And, you’re building a bond that creates a very happy dog more than willing to run back to you when called.

How long is the course? 

8 Weeks ( with on going community support )

Does the course come with a community element?

YES - You have access to the Private Facebook Community and access to Clubhouse rooms. You will be kindly supported and can ask any questions without feeling judged. 

Can I do the course on my own schedule or do I have to show up at certain times?

The course is a fast paced 8 week deep dive. You get lifetime access to all of the training material and you get the opportunity to network with the community beyond the 8 weeks.

We recommend you lean into the support network of fellow recall dog enthusiasts who are determined to have a turn-on-a-dime recall. You will get weekly course notifications and access to participate with the live videos.

Who are the teachers for this course and why are they qualified?

Christine Young - Recall Expert, Certified Trainer ( CPDT-KA )

Kelly Keebler - Reactive Dog Expert, Certified Training (  ( CPDT-KA, KPA )

Christine & Kelly have taught recall together for years both in-person and online. We are passionate about this skill and love that we get to work together. 

How do I access the RAD Course & Facebook Group?

I have another question.

If you have any questions about Recall Adventure Dogs you can reach out to us on our Contact Page here.

"Other recall classes just confused me. In R.A.D. I finally understood what I was missing. If you are looking for a comprehensive training program, with step by step instructions, multiple levels of support and training that will make you feel proud of your dog’s successes –  sign up for Recall Adventure Dogs!"

~ Kathleen & Freya

Don't wait until you get into trouble!

Reliable recall is essential. If you don't start now you will reinforce the cycle of bad behavior. Don’t stay in the cloud of confusion when your dog doesn’t listen to you — especially in dangerous situations. Having a reliable recall in an emergency could mean life or death for your dog.

Now is the best time to start your training journey! As soon as you register you’ll get instant access to foundation material so that you can get to work right away.

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The professional package has really helped me to grow my business and improve my results.

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The professional package has really helped me to grow my business and improve my results.

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Karen Johnson

Home Entreprenuer

Money Back Guarantee

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