Enjoy & Learn in the comfort of your home. Together we’ll discover your pet’s unique qualities and create a custom training plan!

Initial meeting – During our first session, we implement management solutions to common behavior frustrations. We discuss your goals, needs, and any struggles you are having. Together we map out a plan.

We get together once a week or more. I coach you to train your Pup. We focus on behavior issues and your long term goals. We work on socialization, manners, enrichment and more

You work on the homework in between sessions.

Private Training - The Puppy Care Company

Our customize packages can tackle puppy problems, create a foundation to prevent future ones, teach basic manners and even a few tricks! Your package might include:

Behavior Relief

  • House/Potty training
  • Jumping & Biting
  • Chewing on the wrong things
  • Barking
  • Too much Energy & Excitement

Problem Prevention

  • Crate and alone time training
  • Ability to share (protect against food
    and toy aggression)
  • Learning to love grooming, nail
    clipping, etc.
  • Socialization at the right pace to
    create an easy-going dog


  • Sit, down & stay
  • Recall (“Come”)
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Relax on your mat, bed or crate
  • Leave it & Drop it
  • Fun tricks like spin or bow
Private Training - The Puppy Care Company - 2

Fees and Package Options

$150 Private Session (45-60 minutes in home)
$  80 Virtual Online (30-45 minutes)

$  700 5 Sessions Private Training
$1350 10 Sessions Private Training

The Combo Package

6 Day Training Sessions (30-45 min)

1 Field Trip (1-3 hrs)

3 Private Sessions (45-60 min)

$1200 SAVINGS OF $200!

Package Perks Include

  • Access to exclusive training videos
  • Phone/text/email support
  • No wait list for sessions
  • Field Trip(s)